Types of Scrap Metal: Bare Bright Copper

The King of Copper! Bare Bright Copper is a #scrappers dream! This aptly named, bright and shiny metal is one of the highest valued metals at any scrap yard, and Prestige Auto & Metal Recycling is no different. Prestige buys Bare Bright Copper for cash everyday at our 7615 E Mount Houston rd location.

So what is Bare Bright Copper? Bare Bright Copper is Copper wire or sheets larger than 16 ga and free of debris and corrosion. Bare Bright Copper is not insulated and does not have any visible oxidation or corrosion.

bare bright copper.jpg

Where is it found? Bare Bright, like most other types of Copper, is commonly used in electrical delivery applications. According to,¬†“One third to one half of all copper produced¬†is used in electrical engineering and the supply of domestic electricity.”! Bare Bright Copper is often found in wire or plates in electrical applications. It is common for Bare Bright Copper to be buried in conduit or to be housed in electrical boxes and utility hand holes. Bare Bright is often found in the form of ground rods in these applications as well.

Why should I scrap Bare Bright Copper? Bare Bright Copper commands some of the highest prices of any scrap metal. Additionally, Bare Bright Copper is always in demand. As the highest grade of scrap copper, Bare Bright requires the least amount of processing.

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