Slag is a byproduct of melting steel. When a Flux agent is introduced to to the molten metal, it binds with impurities to form a compound of silicates a metal oxides. When cooled, those compounds form a rock like structure, which is what is shown in the picture.

Slag is also an excellent alternative to limestone aggregate for use as a road base or parking lot. Slag is similar in price to, but much harder than stone; making it an excellent choice for your next paving project. We offer slag in many different sizes as well as delivery services to our valued customers.

Prestige Auto & Metal Recycling not only uses slag to maintain our yard and roadways, but we also sell slag to our loyal customers. If you need a new driveway, roadbase, or are simply just tired of driving on dirt, fill out the form below to to place an order for slag.

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