Company History

Prestige Auto & Metal Recycling was founded in 2011 with its first scrap yard in Houston, Texas. Since then, Prestige has grown to become one of the most prominent scrap yards in Houston. Prestige purchases and processes thousands of tons in scrap metal every year. Most of that scrap metal comes from buying junk cars. While we buy all types of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal, junk cars constitute a sizeable percentage of our metal purchases. Far from our humble beginnings, Prestige Auto & Metal Recycling now has the capacity to process any scrap metal, no matter the size. Whether it be a small electric motor or an industrial demolition project, we can scrap it. Our scrap yard on Mount Houston rd in Houston, TX pays cash for scrap metal daily. If you need an onsite container for your project or business, call us at (832) 770-9953